99 300m lower accessory pulley replacement

just was wondering if there were some special way to remove the lower accessory/ac pulley on a 99 300m changed belts an squeaking,when I should have changed the pulley but thought id ask before just unscrewing it,thinking its a simple fix. is it?
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There are 2 pulleys - one for the wide serpentine belt (that drives the alternator and power steering pump) and another one for the smaller belt (that drives just the A/C compressor).
I replaced the pulley for the wide belt on my '00 300m a few months ago. It's easy to do. Yes, you just unscrew the bolt in the middle of the pulley.
If you changed that belt already - how did you do it without messing with these pulleys?
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MoPar Man
i didnt mess up the pulley went on easily but now the battery light and check engine light is on, seems to have a electrical problem, are the belts not tensioned properly ,and how do i fix it if thats the problem. any ideas people!
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