No cold Air From 2000 Chrysler T&C's Air Cond.

Hello Everyone, The air conditioner on my 2000 Chrysler Town and Country stopped putting out cold air the other day. It had been working fine up until that point but now only puts out warm air. Someone suggested checking the in cabin AC filter which I will do but considering the AC isn't putting out any cold air I'm assuming it's something else? My question is, is this the type of thing that should be checked out by a certified Chrysler shop or can any reputable auto repair shop fix this? Thanks in advance for any info.
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Dan Gove
I would suggest checking the compressor to see if it is engaging. With the engine running, and the A/C on, the compressor clutch should engage. If it doesn't, it's most likely because the refrigerant is low. A sensor prevents the clutch from engaging if the system is low on refrigerant.
If if there is a leak, I would suggest starting with the connections on the compressor. I had a Voyager where the "O" rings went bad. The shop replace d those, and then recharged the system. It was still working, when I got ri d of the van 11 years later.
Kirk M
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You don't need to go to go the dealer for repairs but you should go to a shop that regularly does AC repair.
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Ashton Crusher

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