Deceitful.. Or unlawful??! 1965 owner, since 8/26/1989, ripped off and WHOM WILL CARE!!??

In search for truth answers, and a dear friend. I Am Seeking out Something called integrity. Honesty in a verbal contract. A handshake, and agreed tr ansaction "in PENDING" to conclude. I want SOMEONE in the Mopar or No car, world to be true to the Mopar and proud of it.. Concept. Hear me out, I nee d ONE person to step up and say: SHAME on You , to the business man that st ole my beautiful 65 CORONET 500, W455100011, with deceitful gentle and kind crap, in means to an end. Breaking up twenty five years of beauty and anti cipated spent joy. I felt safe with My Boogie Boy, I felt safe with allowin g tom h***ert to take My Boog' with him to go over him with a fine tooth c omb. To reacquaint in the following day, possibly two. Then MOST likely we would have a done deal. If my wishes in "KEEPING Stock" would / could be me t. But he lied to steal. And to see My Boogie Boy, I have yet. Almost Three years!!! Registered still in my name. Rocket restorations needs to keep be tter logs. For tom is unable to remember the name of his friend he says he sold Boogie to. Nor phone number. Nor place of residence. Considering I ha ve title, dated 9-11-1989, am/was THIRD Owner.... I fear I was deceived for the "HIGH Price"" a Great and becoming obsolete, Donor car carries. Thank you, from Wilsonville Or.
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