Exhaust filter fuel and loss of power ecodiesel

Sept 2016 messages immediate exhasut filler fuel and service throtttle bod y,immediate loss of power, go to dealer they have for 5 days, do oil change , on them, then the reset messages force regen. 12/16, clunk in door, take to dealer, found to be loose screw in windor, Feb 2017 again same messages exhasut filler fuel immediate losss of power, service throttle body, limp into dealer, call me and say I need another oil change!!!, out of truck for another 5 days...now 3 weeks later same message but I had contacted Chrysl er resolution who take info adv a lemon and request buyback. out of truck 4 days...picked up yesterday they tell me, "I have to drive truck more and its not meant for the city!...they force reset regen. In between all this d rove from cali to arizona and back,,,and back n forth to sand diego area on e way 90 mi..several trips from July 2016, (before sept first problem) and back n forth 2 times a month to san diego until January 2017 then feb agai n the issue. So any thoughts out there, im in process now of lawyer and le mon process. Dealer unable to fix issue and blaming my dirving habits for i ssue. all three times I have driven on freeway to blow this filler out and reset and its not doing that but yet the dealer tech, star tech and the ser vice manager states theres nothing in the work order that states my problem . Oh yes there is all documented and when they print have to force regenera tion what does that tell you.?
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