Noise in front of 3.8L engine w/ 130K mi ...

All, We've got a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan with the 3.8 L engine and 130K miles. When the engine is at normal operating temperature and idling under a load (the transmission in D and holding van with brake), there is an intermittent knock/clatter from the front of the engine (sound like spark knock). Here what I know:
1) it is not a collapsed lifter; the noise is too low, not as sharp as the ticking of a lifter and is irregular; 2) it seems to be tied to engine speed. While the noise is irregular, the frequency increases with RPM; 3) when the transmission is disengaged (shifted to P), the noise is significantly reduced.
Sounds like it is coming from the timing chain / water pump area. I am a pretty fair mechanic, but before I tear into this, I'd like to know where the engine is predisposed to certain issues other mechanics may have seen, with these symptoms and miles. What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance, Chris
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it might be a bearing on one of the pulleys. I donot know why it makes when it when you are on load,
Also it might be something loose that vibrates when it is on load. the sound travels and resonantes at a random place.
If it does not go bad, keep using as is. Othervise you are shooting in dark and it might be very ugly.
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ulas c coskun

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