opinions welcomed on cost of repairs & what else

water pump and belts and fluids $705.00 radiator (very small leak) on lower area $378.00 plugs & wires $142.00 thermostat housing (cracked flange) 7 & stat $081.00 all labor included in above pricing Just got back from a round trip to mechanic about 30 miles, no signs of leak, spotting, dripage or evidence of problems under car. Mileage is about 110,000 Car gets (HONESTLY) about 27 to 29 MPG
Brakes seem to be good (were checked) but rears are noisy
Battery original but about $120.00 for replacement. Car resides on the central coat of Oregon, about .25 miles from the ocean and is garaged.
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howard writes:
5 speed what?
This, plus a new surge tank and cap, minus belts, cost $1100 on our 2000 Intrepid recently. I normally do all my own work, but I was feeling overwhelmed with a backlog of work I was late on so I had them do it...
This was quoted at over $500 within a couple of weeks after we'd just paid the above, at which point I decided it was a reminder of why I do my own work. New radiator and a gallon of Zerex G-05 at Carquest cost $150.
Noisy how?
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Joe Pfeiffer

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