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miles into my first tank of diesel but the needle on the fuel gauge is constantly moving about so I have little idea of how much fuel is actually left in the tank. When I stop the needle does seem to settle but I could drive forward 100 yards and the needle would settle in a different place.
I guess what I really need to know is:
- Is this moving needle a common problem with the ZX? - How many miles am I likely to get out of a full tank (some town and country driving)? - What is the capacity of the fuel tank so I can calculate my MPG?
Thanks, Ian
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Most likely the fuel gauge sender unit is damaged. There is a floater in this unit that gets stuck, that is why you see different levels of fuel on you meter. Remove or pull the back seat forward and you will find the "fuel gauge sender unit" Replace this unit with a new one or one from the scrapyard.
Be carefull not to spill any diesel fuel in the car or on your clothes, a little drop will keep on smelling for a long time.
Do you have the Haynes ZX manual? On page 4A-4 you can find more info about this. I have made a copy of that page and put it on my homepage. Follow the link below to see it.
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Send me an email if you are interested in the haynes manual in PFD format. I can give you a link where you can download it.
Good luck.
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I forget the capacity, but I know I can go a long long way on a tankfull :))
The easiest way to work out the consumption, is to brim the tank, set the trip meter to zero, drive for a while, then brim the tank again and see how far you got on that many litres. I can easily get more than 40mpg in mixed driving.
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according to my Haynes manual, the fuel tank holds 54 litres. My wife gets about 45-47 mpg on all town driving. There is a low fuel warning light which, if it works, may prove useful in your case.
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Stuart Gray
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The low low fuel warning light should go on when there is 6 liter of fuel left in the tank, as described in the manual of the car. But don't trust this fuel warning light, I did have the bad experience that this ligt went on in my Xsara and after 30km the tank was empty. With 6 Liter I should get at least 60 to 90 km.
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Just done that and had done roughly 289 miles on 28 litres which works about 45mpg.
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