ipod for Citroen C4

just to let anyone else know ive found a solution to get the ipod working in c4. You need to order an audio harness from peugeot (citroen
had no idea what I was on about - the part arrived and it had the citroen logo on the bag aswell as peugeot!) Part number 9706AG which costs about £20. You then need to book in the car with citroen to get the AUX port enabled on the car. Now here's the trick (which i learnt through pure accident) They can charge you up to £70 to do this. When you get the part from peugeot make sure you wire it up as it says on the piece of paper that comes with it...(as it happens this is incorrent for Citroens!). They will enable the auxiliary port for you but wont be able to get it working even though they are doing everything thats on the paper. Make sure you leave with the AUX port still enabled and say youll go to peugeot...come home, then look at this website:
which explains the correct setup for our C4's. Youll just have to change the wiring that you set up initially. So you wont have had to pay for citroen to enable the AUX port cos just say - well the part is supportee by citroen it says on the pack, why cant you get it working? they didnt kick up a fuss at all.. Change the holes to exactly as on that link (remember to count the pins - and ground is the black wire - which is green in Italy) and then set your radio to AUX (by pressing the source button) and hey presto you have music in your car coming form your ipod. You can then sellotape the wire to a long piece of plastic or metal and feed it through so that it comes out underneath the steering column, take the plastic away and works a treat.
Just thought I would let you know as I know how much it is driving me insane and a few other C4 owners. I nearly bought a new head unit for £250 - but this cost me about £21 in total!
Any questions come and speak to me - my email is on my site or find me in my forum www.iwantfreemoney.co.uk Mark
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