66 chevy questions, I have a 95 GMC that I may be able to use parts off of.

Hey Everybody, I have been a member of newsgroup now for about 5 years, when I first signed up I was an active member, however for
about the last 4 years I have not been here. I had turned off the messages and haven't checked in since because other things have been going on. I am currently in the AF, stationed in SC.
Just to fill yall in on what I have, I have a 66 Chevy that I have had for over 10 years now, it has been my DAILY driver EVERY day. I have put a 4 bolt 350 in it that I rebuilt, rebuilt the stock 3 on the tree tranny, rebuilt the rear end, brakes, & entire front end; all over the past 10 years now, I painted it about 8 years ago and it looks like crap again. :-)
I also have a 95 GMC 1/2 ton with a 350 and a 5 speed manual tranny, my wife wrecked it last weekend. It is probably totaled but I am going to buy it back if it is, and I probably wont fix it even if it isn't totaled. my question is this, I know a 73-87 front crossmember with spindles and all will fit under the 60-66 years, is it possible that the 95 front crossmember will fit under it? if so what modifications will I need to make. I want to put this crossmember under it so I can have power steering and brakes, I would also like to put the manual tranny and rear end from the 95 under my truck as well, as far as the rear end goes, I plan on removing the trailing arms from my truck and welding the leaf spring shackles to my frame and using the leave springs from the 95. my main problem with the tranny is going to be getting the hydraulic clutch to work properly.
As far as the brakes go, I will be using the 95 master cylinder and running new lines to all the brakes, what proportioning valve will work best for this? the truck has ABS on the rear and right now the brake lines run into a computer controlled valve for the rear brakes. I may even in time pull the motor and put the 95 350 with TBI on my truck as well, how hard will it be to get the TBI and electronic ignition to work? I will be able to use any of the parts out of the 95 for this, the computer and all that stuff is fine. the only damage to the truck is body work and possible bent frame (hence the reason it may be totaled). once I go back to TX (where my wife wrecked it) and see the actual damage, I will determine if I want to try to fix that truck or if I want to use those parts for my 66 depending on what you guys say. thanks and I appreciate it, yall have a good day now.

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