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1971 Ford F-250
I am listing a truck for sale for my mother. She says it has a rebuilt motor with around 1,000 miles on it. The motor is dirty and my mom says it's because there is a hose missing and it's blowing...
2 years ago
Will a 1957 chevy truck hood fit a 1955 (second series)
I have a 1955 chevy truck second series that has a poor condition hood. I can get my hands on a 1957 chevy truck hood at a good price. The seller says it will fit no problem. Does anyone know if it...
6 years ago
Looking for the HS WATSON MODEL 41MI 3231 parts book.
I would like to find the parts book and or the ratios for 1st, 2nd and 3d gears. The serial number is B 004106. All info was found on the tag. I am posting for a collector/mechanic friend who need...
6 years ago
fuel pump fuse keeps popping on 88 s10 blazer
fuel pump fuse pops on insertion .i unplugged wire from ignition coil ,no pop need help with the cause You could try, as a last resort, cleaning the spade lug or other connectors and grounds but I...
6 years ago 1
body width of dodge 1950 b2b?
Does anyone know the body width, at widest , for 1950 Dodge B 2B?
6 years ago
Synthetic Motor Oil in your Classic
Do you want the best oil for your classic car ? Check out Amsoil synthetics at
6 years ago
Motor Oil
What motor oil weight & brand would I use in my 66 Nova, 230 6 cylinder that would have the proper additives for this vintage engine? You may want to consider both an oil and an additive to replace...
7 years ago 2
53 chevy frame swap
i have a 53 chevy truck and I want to do a s10 frame swap. my question is will a 97 s10 extended cab work Well, part of the 'joy' of doing this type of work is figuring out what will work and what...
7 years ago 1
1948 Diamond T 201 Shop Manual?
Anyone have a shop manual for a 1948 Diamond T? Or know where one could be bought? Any photos of how, exactly the front hubs are attached to the wheel. Any parts interchange data base out there? TIA
7 years ago
Do you still have this truck? Considering that the post was 11 years ago, I suspect he does not... Must say, you're an optimist however! I have one of these trucks! 454 and everything, I live in...
8 years ago 4
Wiper Arms
Hey, Would like be able to lift my windshield wiper when it snows, So it stands up away from the glass, but the stock wiper arm is not built that way. Anyone know of an after market with this feature...
8 years ago 2
What is HP and Torque on this truck?
Good Morning, Pretty sure it does not have the original engine. Would like to know what came standard. Was it the L48? How many horses, how much torque, how does one identify a 350 as a L48 and the...
10 years ago
Like to find 1941 GMC Conventional Cab 236 Engine
Please Help, I have a 1941 GMC 1 ton Conventional cab truck, where can I find an long block for it? John Tried Hemmings? Also look at military truck engines as they were basically the same. Perhaps...
10 years ago 1
LED Third Brake Light
I make this 10 LED Third Brake Light that operates on 6 or 12 Volts. The light has been designed to flash to get the attention of following drivers, and then after a few seconds it goes to a steady...
10 years ago 4
Stolen! 1955 Chevy step side 2nd series step side - Haysville, Kansas
Images, owner & local law enforcement contact information: on the Lookout!!! for this 1955 Chevy Stepside!!!! September 16th, 2010 between the hours of 1PM-3PM from the Haysville, KS area this 55...
10 years ago 4