Front crank seal.

Dribble from the front crank seal on the SD1 has changed into a flood. Did
change the seal not that long ago, and noticed the pulley assembly had a
deep groove where the seal rubs. So the new seal didn't work for long.
New assemblies NLA, and used ones likely worn too - if you can find one
for my particular engine with A/C.
So have ordered up a Speedi-Sleeve from SKF bearings. There are lots and
lots of sizes and finding the correct one took ages - out of stock at the
UK main dealer.
Eventually found it at Simply Bearings for £33.
Will update how I get on when it arrives. ;-)
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Dave Plowman (News)
The other possibility (which you may have already explored) is to phone Rimmers. Sometimes when you speak to them on the phone they know that there are good used items that they don't put in their catalogue, or they can point you towards a possible aftermarket supplier.
It may be too late with your Simply Bearings order in hand, but it is something to bear in mind for the future.
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Indy Jess John
In article ,
I'd be very surprised if Rimmer would sell a decent used assembly which is NLA for anywhere near ?33 - given they are charging about 200 quid for some of the pulleys only, which are still avaiable.
The annoying thing is I did buy a decent used assembly years ago, but can't find it.
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Dave Plowman (News)

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