99 Oil Pressure sensor (again)

Hey all,
I waded through previous posts, did several searches and found this
topic covered a few times, but I was hoping to find a bit more detail.
The oil pressure in my 99 C5 reads 130 constantly (from startup). The
analog dial is constantly pegged. I've had it for about 10 months and
it's always read that way. It wasn't until my wife sitting in the
passenger seat got bored and decided to flip through the manual and
asked why the pressure was so high.
I've had no engine performance problems, and have had 2 oil changes
since purchase with no change.
So, reading the forums, it seems one likely culprit is the "oil
pressure sensor."
The consensus seemed to be that this is a 'doable' project. So I went
on a quest for a repair manual and part. Well,
A) I can't seem to find a repair manual for a 99 C5. The impression I
get is that it doesn't exist. Seems like the Chilton/HP manuals stop
at about 96. After that it seems to be engine specific, body repair,
etc manuals. Found one Service manual set on Eckler's for $190, but
seems like that may be overkill. Am I missing something?
B) Can't find a part called an "oil pressure sensor". Found plenty of
"oil pressure guages" and "oil pressure senders", but no sensors. Does
it go by another name?
I appreciate any assistance.
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A new manual cost more like $114 from the dealer and a good thing to have. Those you are talking about are reading material only.
Drivers side, clear up against the firewall, under the decorative cover. It stands vertical out of the back of the block and is removed with a deep well socket, GM part number J41712, (standard socket may work, don't know), oil pressure switch. The switch number is 12562230, (may have changed, don't know), and should be replaced using GM thread locker 12346004 at 15 ft lbs. Most come with thread locker on the unit. Standard Motor Products # PS308, Airtex # 1S6713, Acdelco # 12573107, all under $40. Buy one first to see if your socket works.
I have this on a CD, 49 megs, send me an address at cf1957 at yahoo dot com. Includes complete breakdown of the C5 up to 2001, not a service manual, just a parts breakdown, I got the torque spec out of my service manual.
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Question for Dad... I had to slide the intake forward to get to it but never the less I changed it and it read normal for about a day then pegged itself all the way over again can you help me out here??? Have you seen this before??? I replaced the unit with a new one from the dealer and after one day same thing!!! ?
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Possible short between the two wires going to the sensor? That would provide 5 volts back to the PCM and give you a 144 PSI reading.
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Bob I
Actual intake or just the cover? If you got the upgraded switch and it failed I'd take it back. Also have to agree with Bob, check for other reasons besides a faulty switch, may need to hook up a pressure gage. You will note on my post that since 2001 GM has changed that switch to another number. Which one did you get?
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