Leaf spring replacement revisited

I queried before and found several sources. A few replied and you may be interested. I am leaning towards a 330# with the KYB gas shocks as opposed to Munroe,
delco or Bilsteins for my particular application Comments? Stock L48 350 1976 --------------------------------------------------------- ) Is there is a significant difference in the spring itself that you sell compared to others?
2) I also see them in differing spring strengths - a 300 and a 340 lb. My car is a stock 1976 corvette, just used for city and highway driving - no racing or 2 wheel turns so which spring would I need?
3) I have also been advised to change my shocks also... and make sure I "ask" the supplier for ther recomendations... on what shock are NEEDED with the spring I would order.
4) Are there any other recommended bits and pieces that I should also need for this job?
I am contacting you to ask what you recommend from your product line and cost for my particular appilication. If possible, I would like to know the cost with shipping, tax, brokerage fees, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vansteel Yes there is a difference in the different springs that we sell. We are actually trying to move away from the $259 spring b/c of so many ride height issues due to this spring. We actuall carry 1 brand of springs. With your particular application, you are either looking at $299.99 or $339.99. The $299 spring is just the spring by itself. The $339 spring comes with new spring bolt kits and mounting hardware. A better buy of the two. If you priced them out seperately you would spend more money.
While there are only 2 companies that currently make springs, like I mentioned above, one of them has ride height issues and the other does not.
I would recommend a 330# spring rate for the type of driving that you do. It's not to soft and not to stiff.
Yes you do need to change you shocks. It will only benefit you and the ride quality you are looking for. Fiberglass spring react different compared to steel springs. The fiberglass spring flexes more and you need a shock that will react faster. You can either run the Bilstein shocks or the KYB GR-2 shocks. The Bilsteins are going to be the better or the 2 shocks. They run $80 each or $280 for the set of 4. KYB's run $40 each or $155 for a set of 4.
If you buy the shocks and the spring you will not need anything else. It's a pretty straight forward job. The only thing I would like to mention, because I don't know if you know, is that you need to take the tension off of the spring that in the car to remove it. If you don't you'll break you hands and possibly something else. Once you get the new spring mounted to the differential, you'll need to jack up on side at a time to complete the job. You must be very careful when you take these springs in and out of the car.
If you get the $299 Spring and shocks shipping will run you $38.60. If you get the $339 Spring and shocks shipping will run you $41.35. No tax will be charged to you from us. Since you do not live in Florida, you don't get taxed on parts. I have no clue what your brokerage fees will be. You will have to get that info somehow?
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me any time. I hope I answered all of your questions. ------------------------------------------------------------- Corvette Central I believe our springs are manufactured by TRW. I do not know what others are selling. In reference to the spring rate, unless you have a real need for a high rate, use the softest one. In reference to the shocks, we recommend gas charged shocks when using the composite spring. The KYB shock - Item #582095, is a good choice. We would need your full address to supply you with a correct quote.
Springs come with mounting hardware as stated on our website. See part #582410, #582411 or #582412. If you want, you can purchase a set of 4 shock absorbers with hardware, see part #572367, #572074 or #582144. -----------------------
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