Yet another set of Neon Questions :-)

Hello All, First let me thank the guys in this group for the excellent feedback they have given others in the past. In my time lurking in here I have learned
more than a thing or two from your posts. I believe that sharing of information is the best use for Usenet.
My sister has a 98 Neon. 114k miles, 2 Door, manual transmission, SOHC model. In general a real basic grocery getter.
Problem 1: The car has within the last week developed a LOT of play in the steering. I'm talking almost 2 inches of wheel turn. We bought it to the local Dodge Stealer and they claim there is nothing wrong with it! No F'ing way! It's a sheer fight to keep the thing in one lane.
Problem 2: Th car has VEYR little power. Besides the fact that it's a 2.0L Engine. I mean it has no pep, etc. I changed the plugs and wires. It helped a little for a week but now it's back to the way it was. The car seems to be either running VERY rich or burning a lot of oil, or both. Is there a PCV Valve and or timing adjustment on this thing? We did a leakdown test and the cylinders / rings don't seem to be bad. Dirty valves maybe?
Problem 3: The gauges randomly decide to come on and go off. I've read in previous posts that it's probably bad solder joints in the cluster circuit boards. I pulled the cluster and redid as many solder joints as I could find, and still no change. Ever time she hits a large bump they go off. I'm guessing it's a loose connector somewhere?
I've been telling her it's time to replace it; however, she's a college student and just can't afford it. (Hence why I'm working on it and not a 'real' mechanic.)
Any useful input would be appreciated.
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