'95 doge ram fuel pressure the issue??

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Question for you all... I've got a 95 Dodge Ram 1500 V8, believe it's a 5.2 liter.. It idles fine, but when driving it studders while accelerating... seems to happen at all speeds and any rpms. The spark plugs/wires, dist. cap and roter, fuel and air filter have been replaced. Relieved fuel pressure, hooked up a fuel pressure guage to the test port. turned key to on position.. very minimal pressure (supposed to read 31-33psi with regulator, with regulator hose unhooked 39-41psi). Tried starting the engine. Would turn over but not start. Waited.. psi never really reached high enough. Unhooked the hose connected to the regulator and it started up immediately. Went to 40psi. Plugged regulator hose back in and the gauge stayed at 40 (didn't shut off in between). Now it won't seem to start with the regulator hose plugged in. Does this prove that the regulator is bad? The local Discount Auto wants $180 for the fuel pressure regulator.. does this sound right? don't want to buy it if it isn't it. Thanks a lot for any suggestions or insight you guys may have!!!!!
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