Caravan transmission rebuild questions

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My 1997 Grand Caravan ES (3.8L V6 41TE/a604 trans 139,000 miles, gently driven) was developing a transmission problem (double thump when
shifting into OD, even when just letting off the gas and then resuming gas), so I took it to my local dealer for a fluid change and control module diagnosis. It was quiet and drivable otherwise.
The receipt from the dealer shows they found "worn out/burned trans fluid" even though every required service in the manual has been done and it came back with a two failure codes (P1798 and P1799, which the service writer said were wear and damage indicators in the transmission itself).
In the final diagnosis of the service writer - it needs a rebuild or replacement transmission.
Since the symptoms themselves seemed minor to me at the time, and not thinking I was in desperate need of emergency repairs, I wanted to take my time with the decision. So I drove it home and parked it for a week to go on an out-of-state trip.
When I needed the Caravan the next weekend to tow my lightweight one-bike motorcycle trailer on a short road trip, I went out on the morning of the trip to the driveway to turn it around and hitch up the trailer. As soon as it was running and I started moving, it made a bunch of new noises - what sounded like quiet CV joint clicks at first, which quickly turned into a nasty gnashing, clanking and rpm-matching clicks as I rolled into the street in Drive. After about 10 yards it had settled into a rhythmic clicking that was sort of like a much softer version of shifting into Park while moving. As soon as I could get the thing turned around, I got it back into my driveway.
So, now that it's not drivable at all - anyone have any recommendations when it comes to which repair path to take?
Unless someone knows about some simple repair short of a complete transmission overhaul - I'd certainly like to save some money if possible ($4000 worst case scenario - new transmission and control unit), and come away with the best high-mileage solution. I have no desire or need to sell anytime soon, and feel fairly confident the rest of the Caravan will get me to twice the current mileage before I tire of it.
My choices as I see them:
A. Keep the original transmission and have the problems repaired at whatever the usual dealer rates are and have only the usual 90 day dealer warranty on the repairs.
B. Replace the transmission with a remanufactured transmission (from Dodge) and get the factory 3 year warranty on the unit.
C. Replace the transmission myself with a low mileage used/junkyard procured unit with no warranty.
D. To change or not to change the transmission control unit.
E. If I can save some money somewhere, do some mileage-based maintenance while the transmission is out (preemptive CV joint replacement, front-end suspension and steering bushings and joints, shocks). None of the parts mentioned are worn out completely, but feel worn enough that I wouldn't mind the freshening-up).
F. Some 'hidden warranty' will cover the repairs and I won't have to pay a cent for the repairs <grin>.
Anyone with some experience have a moment to help guide me?
Mike G. -
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