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On Thu, 17 Aug 2006 00:06:17 GMT, (Ray) wrote:

What happened to all the money you had invested in 401k's, IRA's, and numerous other "tax advantaged" retirement growth funds???? Not to mention all of that untaxed interest growth, huh? Ray? Hopefully you AT LEAST converted your medical INSURANCE from your previous employer. There is really a government incentive to use the "KORBA" approach to insure you keep a doctor/clinic current on your medical condition, as well as somewhat knowledgeable of their chosen profession! In 2001 to keep my medical plan after resigning with 30 years and 3 days of employment and loyalty to the same company the monthly cost out of MY POCKET was just under 1000$. Influenced no doubt, by my being divorced, head of household, no dependents, no child support, alimony, or payments on 33% interest "maxerd out" credit cards, or car payments. Just my mortgage payment of 1600$/month, utilities, and upkeep on my property. I guess I just forgot to contractually commit to such a fine medical system. I was in a quandary trying to figure out if it is worse not having medical plan coverage because you can't afford it, or having medical plan coverage that you can't pay for? Heck, it probably doesn't even matter since I likely couldn't afford to put gas in my vehicle to get there anyway with today's prices. Don't even ask about my health status of my teeth.....RAY?, Ray?....where are you at in this quagmire? Eh? Ray?
What was it about this forum/newsgroup that made you feel this was THE PLACE to begin panhandling? Ray, I suggest checking out either the military or commit some sort of capital crime and get tossed in prison....Those are the only places with guaranteed room and board, with medical and dental included....let me know what you find Ray....I will be right behind you most likely....cheers, Joe.
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