'88 Firebird - Smog Pump Removal

Pretty easy job unless one of the long bolts is frozen.
You've got 2 long T45 TORX headed bolts to remove (once you have the small hose unbolted from the backside of the pump). Those 2 small bolts are 10mm - use a ratcheting box-end wrench to make it easy. One the front remove the pulley wheel with a long 10mm box-end wrench for leverage. Be prepared you might have a stuck Long bolt like I did. Gonna need a torch and a T45 sock et style to attach to your 18" 1/2" drive breaker bar. I twisted one Torx h ead off so be prepared to soak or torch a stuck long bolt. Hope this helps.
1988 Formula Firebird 305TBI stone stock with A/C.
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