Any old timers still lurking about?

names I remember:
Labrat Kitt vs Karr CBhvac Mr Floppy Bigjfig
and many others. Please forgive me if I forgot your name.
My ISP has informed me they will no longer provide access to Usenet groups after the 15th of July, so this will be my last chance to say goodbye.
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If you can configure your news fetcher, there are some free servers aioe comes to mind I used for a while
I'm useing and at the moment. Some just need a registration
Shame if everybody left, as the web groups seem to have diluted the pond of technically minded people.
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Terminal Crazy
I still check in now and again. Why not check out some of the free usenet providers? -- lab~rat >:-) Do you want polite or do you want sincere?
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lab~rat >:-)
Thanks lab~rat. It's nice to see you're still out there. I'll look into that. Though it's hardly worth it any more.
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