3.8 to LT1

I recently bought my father-in-laws 2001 Firebird with a 3.8 in it. I have a friend that recently was t-boned in his trans-am and his dad bought him a new one. He asked me to buy his LT1 from his wrecked car, with the automatic tranny, CPU, wiring harness all the good stuff. Since hes a close buddy he said $375. Worth it or not?
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You would need to replace more than the wiring harness, tranny, and engine...iirc. Are the crossmembers for the tranny and engine different between the V6 and V8?
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Yes, it is worth it--if mileage is good. If planning to convert yours, get the entire donor car, else it may $25 and $50 you to death. Plus, its fuel mileage--like I'state driving--will approach the 3.8's. But, why do it? You can't use it! I'd as soon spend the $ on adding a supercharger from the likes of a 3.8 Buick Ultra. That said, if miles are good, I'd love to buy it myself, not even knowing what I would install it in! You close to SC? Sam
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That's a Helluva deal. But it is a big project. You do know the engine and trans come out the bottom of these cars?
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