2001 Windstar Transmission Issue??!!

Any backyard mechanics that can assist me with this? My 3.8 Windstar's transmission won't engage. The fluid is full and I'm not sure if it's toast or something else. Let me provide some background.
A week ago I noticed a whizzing sound that would increase as I accelerated and decrease as I slowed. The O/D light began to flash, which it had done before but it had stopped and not done it again in months. I connected a code reader and got a 1744 Transmission Clutch Control Solenoid Malfunction. My research through Google indicates that it has to do with the O/D, but my problem is much worse than that.
The next day I was in a drivethrough and placed the van in park while waiting. I put it drive, but it wouldn't move, didn't even seem to make an offer to go into gear. I shut the van off and started up again and sure enough it moved and I was able to drive home for lunch and was abel to drive back to work again afterwards (it's a short 5km trip).
After work I start the van and it goes into gear and does move. I stop at the exit of our parking lot and proceed to go again, wouldn't move. This time I had not put the van in park, I'd just stopped. Tried changing gears, nothing. Shut the van off and restarted and was able to get back onto the parking lot. I left it there and have been riding with co-workers since. I've tried a couple of times and a couple of different days, but it won't move. Not sure if the cold is affecting it much right now as I live in Ft McMurray Alberta Canada, and it's been extremely cold lately hovering around the -25 degrees celcius mark.
I'm hoping not to have to replace the transmission and I've been given ideas that it may be the linkage or teh selector switch and the TCC, but I've no idea. any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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