96 ford windstar has a blinking overdrive light on. Whats wrong?

The light is sending you a fault code. Count the number of flashes separated by a short break. Should be a 3 digit code. In any case, the ECM has detected a problem with your transmission. Early diagnosis may lead to a relatively simple and inexpensive repair. Continued operation with the lamp illuminated may result in extensive further damage to the trans.
Good luck Lugnut
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blinking od light means trouble in the tranny. Usually indicates a sensor trouble.Check your owners manual for a full discription and get it checked asap.
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Check theVSS sensor usually the problem. (Vehicle speed sensor). These are very common to go Hope this helps you.
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Good luck, I dont mean to be a party crasher, but my buddy had one that the OD light would come on and downshift it self and act like it was in labor. No one could tell him why, this also seemed to happen to a newer one he bought to replace the 96. He traded it back to the guys that sold it to him in the first place. Hauled it within a mile so it wouldnt warm up and drove it on the lot. Happy trails!
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I'm working on the girlfriends 99 windstar. Overdrive light comes on steady during cruise and car exhibits the same symptoms... engine starts to sound sick. Wondering if this could just mean Tranny needs a band adjusted or a pump replaced? Can't find a Chlton's or Haynes that dares tell one anything about a tranny. Otherwise runs great but has always had P0171 and P0174 DTCs... engine running lean and can't find a cure. Maybe they're connected in some way?
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