Ford Windstar Power Door Locks

Ok Everyone I REALLY Need Help here! PLEASE! I have bought a 1995 Ford Windstar.My First clue that I was going to have problems should have been
when I found out the people I bought it from were about 20 bricks shy of a full load! I am going to try to start from the begining..... This Van has Factory Alarm, Keyless entrey on driver door, and power everything.It had a remote for the doors and alarm but they didnt get it when they bought the van or they lost it if they did OK. They wanted a Remote start on it . SOOOOO They have their brother that is pose to be really good at that kind of stuff put it in for them. Well now here is where I come in when I bought it. They have this system put in. But when I bought it (& when they had it ) it didn't start the van and they told me I had to get another part to make the door locks work with the remote. Well I didn't think they knew what they were talking about and I was right......... I call the company that made & sells this starter system and They were WONDERFULL in helping me. They stayed on the phone with me and we redid all the wiring and made the remote starter work. It doesn't just turn the starter over anymore it really starts the van now. They had the wires hookedup wrong. So now we try to make the door locks work....... Here I am up under the dash testing all these wires he is telling me to test. I find the wires that are pose to be for the door locks BUT they are the opposite of what they say they should be. He tells me to retest this one wire and I said WAIT a min I can not aford to burn anything up are you sure we are not going to do anything to it . Now I ask him like 5 times.... I welded the test light to the wire and now...... All my power door locks will lock all the doors but you can not unlock with power..... The keyless entery pad will unlock the driver door but not the rest. If I test the wire under the dash and push the unlock side of the switch by hand it still lights the wire. Now I have called ford and can not find anyone that can help. I had someone eles from the system company tell me that if the driver door switch was burnt out that non of the other door lock will work. Ford said no that it is not that type of switch. I was also told the reason the wires were opposite is because it was on the return side of the switch. Well It is really Cold here were I live and I would really like to be about to fix this so my family can get in to our van with out waiting on me or someone eles to pull the lock up or walk around with the key and unlock all the doors..... Can Someone Help Me? ? ? ? ?

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