97 taurus driver window won't go up

97 Taurus Driver window won't go up I have fixed this issue and post this hoping it will help another with similar issue.
I put my drivers window down the other day and it wouldn't go up. I've
had the "sticky window issue" before where the rear windows wouldn't go down - the seal to the window gasket was just too strong when it was hot. When the car cooled, all was ok. So,thinking patience might be all that was needed, I waited a couple days and tried it various times, but the drivers window wouldn't go back up.
I was able to fix it, and it was pretty simple, but it did take some work. I replaced the auto power window relay hoping that was it since it was only $5 and I wouldn't have to take the door apart. but that was not it.
I took the door apart (see autozone.com site for handy instructions if you don't have a repair manual) and verified with a multimeter that the switches worked and power was getting to the window motor connector. I checked this site and others and it originally sounded like I needed to remove the window regulator and check it and the motor. This would also necessitate removing the window glass. Removing the glass and regulator involve drilling out rivets, something I was hesitant to do.
I did see on this site that it might just be dried up grease in the window motor. Also, the Autozone.com site has some repair/mainenance instructions (free) and I recommend reading them. Per that site, I was able to remove the motor without taking out the regulator or window glass. Just remove the 3 bolts holding the motor to the regulator. I hooked just the motor up to the wiring harness and it worked! So, I thought the problem must be the regulator, but before I went throught the trouble of drilling out the rivets and all, I just put a little grease on the motor gear and reassembled it to the regulator. And it works like a charm! I should also mention that most instructions mention being careful that the window glass doesn't fall when you take the motor off, and I supported the window, but the window did not fall at all for me. The window is easy to move by hand when the motor is removed.
So, after greasing the motor gear I just put the whole thing back together and it's working great now.
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