Electric Lock

I noticed the electric lock on the front passenger side of my 92 Taurus wagon had stopped working. I could control all the other locks from either front seat
lock switch, but the right front lock itself only operated manually or with the key.
Coincidentally, the driver's side window had been knocked out by a thief a few months ago but I didn't consider that a factor since it had been repaired the day after it happened. I only mention it on the off chance my thinking is wrong.
Anyway, I removed the door trim today and felt around inside the door for a loose plug... never found one. There are two parallel wires that go to the bottom of the lock mechanism but they seemed snugged up all right. There also was a single white wire in there that appeared to be grounded to the door on the inside of the striker. In any case, everything seemed well connected.
I also pried the grommet off the door and played with the wires feeding through... nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The whole time I'm doing any of this I'm continually trying the lock switch on the passenger door but to no avail. Despite everything I tried I couldn't get it to work electrically. In fact, as I messed with it, it stopped operating the other locks. Damn! Checking the wires under the switch did nothing.
Finally in disgust I just put everything back together. What do you know? It all works again. I suspect the next time I run over a pothole it'll stop again.
This is not my primary vehicle and yet I like to keep everything working on it. I've already spent considerably more than it's worth to keep it in good repair. I got it for free from my dad after my mother died but I've probably sunk $4500 in repairs over the last couple of years. He believed in deferring nonessential repairs; I do not. But I digress.
What do you think is happening with the lock?
-- Mortimer Schnerd, RN mschnerdatcarolina.rr.com
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