nelson here ya go PU AGAIN lmfao

the sucker fell for it agai STAY AWAY FROM MY CAR
hey lneil even the guys that make them say otherwise
080X282 260-8P Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter
Simpson 260 Series 8 analog volt-ohm-milliammeters are recognized worldwide for their useful capabilities and features. This workhorse meter outperforms even the best general-purpose digital multimeters. $265.00 each; 6+ , $252.00 each.
hey wait a school that teaches ya how to use one
VOM operation Define volt-ohm-milliammeter operation.
want some history on voms An instrument that also measures volts, ohms and amperes (in milliamperes) is known as a volt-ohm-milliammeter, or sometimes as a multimeter. There are many different kinds of multimeters measuring other electrical parameters, e.g. also capacitance (in millifarades).
hurc ast
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??whose?ya daddy?96@? wrote:

Sorry, I don't work on skate boards.
Remember that post earlier today where I mentioned that your students would bail out of class because you waste so much time on minutia? This is a classic example.
Is it "Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter?"
When you (Bozo) come to the USA to become educated, are you coming to;
The United States America?
The United States of America?
Bozo, did you check the specs on that Simpson meter?
The DC amperage measurement range is listed as 0-10 AMPS!
Yup, those Simpson meters are the shitz, I worked next to a guy who had one, he dropped it on his foot one day. Now he sells pencils on the street corner because they amputated his crushed foot.
Speaking of Simpsons, which one are you, Bart or Lisa?
Ah well... The three URLs that you gave earlier were dead links. That just goes to show how what a crappy job you do on everything.
go get 'em doggy
Now I know my ABCs Bozo eats government cheese.
Ha-ha, I got more letters after my name than you do.
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