Re: electronic throttle

just adding a personal experience with the old Audi "unintended acceleration" that some have referenced. I think that finally died-down
and was attributed to driver error (the brake and pedal being too close contributed and it was concluded that some people didn't completely engage the "Park" position).
During that period I was waiting in my car in a parking lot. An Audi parked next to me, the driver left it running while he ran into the store. The car was a low idle.
A good 4 minutes went by when suddenly the thing took off in reverse at full throttle........sufficient to accelerate rapidly, demolish the steel guard rails, continue another 40 feet, over a fence an down into a ravine with such force to be completely demolished.
Assume Audi throttles were mechanical then.......but if the cause was that "Park" wasn't completely engaged, what accounts for the throttle going wide open at the same time it slipped into Reverse? Doesn't it seem likely that there was some other componant involved, like a cruise-control fault?
Point is, we'll probably never know the truth about any such problems: between company cover-ups and inept government "experts" we can't trust whatever conclusion they finally feed us.
For a Ford connection, how about their old cruise controls that were connected to the throttle with a "ball chain"? Had one of those on a "67 ' some situations the slack in the ball chain would get tangled in the linkage and off you would go. Back then things were simpler: when it happened to me I went to the dealer and the Service Manager said "I wouldn't trust that thing and recommend you take it off". We did....and I don't remember there being any recall or further publicity.
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