Re: What percentage of 20 year old cars are on the road?

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I have real prod figures and real numbers on UK DVLA registration / taxation database.
Many cars don't get taken off the register. UK had a purge a few years back by swapping to a new style log book. Anyone selling a car got a new log book, then it was when they taxed the vehicle for the road and they had a final mop up where people that had un-taxed vehicles off the road could send in for new log book.
Taxation laws that require a vehicle to be declared as being off the road annually have also meant people are less likely to hang on to a project car or "doer up". As a declaration has been signed that the vehicle is off the road and thus not liable for road tax being caught with it on the road is tax evasion and not "oh sorry I must have forgot".
RHD European cars production numbers from NISSAN FAST database CD ER1, so UK + Ireland and a few for Cyprus - maybe 6 or 7% not for UK. Only the ones that came to UK will be on DVLA database. Bear in mind there's at least 2 months between cars being made and first sales, the boat trip takes 4-5 weeks. There was also overlap on RS13 and S14 as old stock ran out slowly, the DVLA made no distinction between S13 and S14 during the overlap. Limited number in first year will be pre-prod bucks and test mules.
Silvia RS12U FJ20E & CA18ET Year prod DVLA registered 1983 2 0 1984 3134 57 1985 2906 91 1086 2296 88 1987 690 119 1988 1009 100 1989 ---- 50
Looks like 505 out of 10037 = 5% over 20 years old.
200SX RS13U CA18DET Year prod DVLA registered 1988 532 0 1989 2822 338 1990 2088 487 1991 2978 594 1992 1827 575 1993 1267 441 1994 ---- 456 (S14 went on sale Sept)
I've got a Dec '93 built RS13U that was registered new in UK Dec '94, may even be some '95 reg. 11508 made, less than 2891 left, 25% of over 15 years and up to 20 year old cars.
200SX GBAS14U SR20DET Year prod DVLA registered 1993 16 1994 788 see RS13 1995 1298 508 (some could be old stock RS13U) 1996 425 552 1997 1178 569 1998 1143 605 1999 70 833 2000 ---- 508 2001 ---- 59
4848 made, of the last 455 made 26 went to Ireland and 5 to Cyprus. 3094 left so over 7 years old and up to 15 there's about 63% left.
The attrition rate is possibly higher than it would be for sad gray porridge. A leading UK car guide says of the RS13 "Dangerous in the wrong hands". Lots fall off roundabouts sideways, quite a few have gone though hedges anyways round or up, up trees, been wrapped round telegraph poles. At least one has knocked down and rail slid sideways the full length of a lamp post, driver said hitting his head on the roof rail above the door hurt a bit.
Don't ask about anything else, if it isn't an S platform I couldn't give a...
Peter Hill
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