update on the 93 escort problems.

hello thanks to all who offered advice. well a few weeks ago while idling the engine made a squeaking sound and smelled of burning rubber, ac was going so i thought that it might have been
the ac pump getting ready to blow. quit using ac, shortly after it did it again, no ac on, well i just kept on driving it. check engine light came on, pulled codes, lean on partial throttle so i changed the o2 sensor. no help there. you were right backyard i was just shooting the messenger. well as posted before the timing belt let go the other night.
seems that the belt didn't break, it lost a few teeth in just the right spot:} i changed the belt and while i was at it put a new water pump and hoses on the old girl. upon inspection the tensioner for the timing belt sounded ugly, and just like the squeal that accompanied the smell of burning rubber. new water pump included new cam belt tensioner :} put her back together and runs great no ck engine lights all better:}
so in closing i would say the first time the squeal happened the cam belt tensioner was acting up. second time she either skipped a tooth or lost one thus putting my cam timing retarded one notch giving me ck engine troubles. then finally she stripped the teeth of the belt a BLOCK from MY HOUSE {she loves me}. i drive 40 miles of boonies and breaking down outside of town REALLY SUCKS. you either get taken for an ax murderer or taken by one:}
she has 111000 miles and hasn't had squat done to her except oil changes. now she's good for ??????
changing the belt wasn't that hard at all. broke down and bought the manual, must be getting old i want instruction now:} i love how this thing doesn't have a distributor or cap and rotor,or carb,or cruise control, strike that last one:}
thanks for the good advise. time for BEER. 100+ today.
Skidflap Ione,Ca
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