2001 focus overheating

I'm having an issue with my 2001 overheating while I'm in traffic for an
extended period of time. There are no leaks and the anti-freeze is at the
proper level.
Any help would be much appreciated
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I?ve been having the same problem, I already had a pressure test done twice and no leaks were found... The last tech told me it might be a water pump, or timing belt problem... Now I freak out everytime I?m stuck on traffic, because the temperature just starts to rise, so I have to shut down the car until traffic stars to move... Can?t wait to get rid of this car!!
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Are you sure that the cooling fan is switching on? The fan should only cut in if the engine gets hot such as when you are stuck in a traffic.. If you have Air Con there will be two fans.
Have you checked the fuses in the engine compartment fuse box?
Fuses 6 and 29 are associated with the air con fan (30 Amp /Green)
Fuse 65 (30 Amps/Green) is for the engine cooling Fan
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