Focus spark plugs

I have 2001 Focus wagon with Zetec engine, got 95 km on it and want
change plugs but can't find Bosh or NGK plug listing at Cdn tire etc.
Don't want pay dealer prices for Ford plugs.
Anybody experience when to change plugs and what plug to use?
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You're in Canada, right? Do you have a Part Source store near you? I get many of my Focus parts from them, as they sell the same Bosch parts my car originally came equiped with. Hope that helps.
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I swapped out my plugs at 50000Km. I used a set of Autolite Double Platinum APP 5364 and had to order them from my local NAPA parts store. I hope this helps you out.
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Michel Bernier
Also look into this thread about Focus spark plugs:
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