2.8 MPFI starting glitch

2.8 MPFI engine (1988) wouldn't start yesterday. Normally it pops right off. It would just crank and crank, but wouldn't fire, although
it did "kick back" one time during cranking. So at that point I resigned myself to the possibility of maybe a timing gear needing replaced, and would get to it later. Normally the car pops right off, and it ran perfectly normal when parked the previous night. This morning I went to try to start it again, just to double check how it was acting to try to diagnose it a little better, and I began cranking it over to see if it would kick back again or what it would do -- and after cranking it 6-7 seconds, it finally just started up like normal and seems to run fine. When it wouldn't start, I could hear the fuel pump pressure up, plus it was replaced within the last year. Anyway, now I am reluctant to trust the car. The humidity has been unusually high here, really steamy, which I thought could have raised hell wih something, but has been that way for several weeks and the car just now acted up. Anyway, has anyone had a similar experience with these, and /or is the situation I described above a common indicator of, say, the ignition module (or other component) about to fail? TIA
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