Did the internet kill GM?

We all know that GMs troubles started some decades ago.
The management became very arrogant and lazy.
As time went by the competition became better while GM remained more or less the
GM was so big and powerful that they did not mind much.
The last few years GM or parts of it knew they had to do something and here and there improvements were made.
There is no denying that GM has a lot of good quality people and good quality products.
Problem has been and still is after going through bankruptcy that there are too many fat cats and too high prices demanded for the products.
In the good old days GM could make whatever they wanted and then sell pretty much anything to any price.
Now that people have access to all kinds of info about all kinds of technical info and the salespeople have a harder time telling customers lies about prices.
Customers can look at the internet and find the correct info so it is hard to give out false info anymore.
If GM is to adjust to this new reality they have to sell their quality products to more reasonable prices and get rid of excessive management.
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On 12/01/2012 6:39 AM, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:

Yep, debtors denial, no respect for debt. Ignored their job as a good CEO is about managing the company but Wagoner was a corrupt fool. But 0bama bailed him out with $20M as he too was from Harvard I guess.
In China, he would have seen jail time.

Yep. Competition walked right by GM.

In reality as we know know, just arrogance.

Possibly good people. But with 4 decades of debt for union philosophy, the debt crushed the house of bullsh1t.

Yep. Really solved absolutely nothing. You can't demand employees produce cars people are not buying. Insane liberal-socialist insanity.
For example if every employee in GM lost their jobs, immediately the remaining producers would see better sales and delay layoffs, maybe even hire. Jobs is defined by sales and costs. JIT and Ford knew that and Detroit forgot it as the corrupt management and union ran the place into the ground.

That is fine if the rest of the economy has money. But problem here, by stelaing more tax dollars, it does get back to the taxpayer. So if GM gets unearned tax money, eventually the taxpayer buyer has less to buy with.
Sort of like screwing your customer in taxes and expecting them to spend more on your crap. Insanity really. But they did manage to bullssh1t government into selling it. After all, the super rich boys into Carlyle and Cerberus needed a bailout too, taxpayer funded of course.

Lies about prices, lies about quality, lies about their corporate honour, brand and citizemship.
The brand damage of using the tax system to bailout a corrupt business model drove away customers, maybe for life.

GM should consider their corruption, massive unpaid bills, the screwing share holders, bond holders, suppliers, customers....pensioners and others took to be a mater of historical record.
Internet will help people with short memories and corrupt values do less denial and memory lapse about what really happened. And to sum it up, GM/UAW/CAW screwed us all.

No only expensive management, but unions and other dead weight. A overhaul from top to bottom with no sacred cows. Message needs to be simple:
"GM, make money ethically, value your customer or DIE! And forget corporate welfare, it just means your a zombie waking dead."
But no mater what, I will always remember GM/CAW/UAW stole from me. I and no legal document says the tax system was to be used for corruption bailouts and grants, without my consent. It was GM theft from myself and my family. A GM screwing. An unethical organization.
Screw GM, they won with the tax man and are losing a the till. BTW, I was a former GM customer.
No mater how liberally you try to ignore rationality and reality,
reality always wins in the end.
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