Re: '80s Chevy Celebrity Wagons: Did They Come with ManualTransmission?

| | | | | We influxed from Indiana to New Mexico over 30 years ago. Taught school | on the Jicarilla (Hic-ar-eeyah) Apache reservation before coming to
| Texas. When I was in the Marney Corps I was stationed in Yuma Arizona. | | All three states are a major illegal alien destination. Notice the word | alien as they can't be an immigrant when they aren't legal. | | People from the republic of Kalifornia bother me as much or more than | the illegals from Mexico and points south. | | They run up the price of real estate and want to change things to the | way they were before escaping Kalifornia. When we left Indiana we wanted | to join the natives- - not conquer or change them. | | I worked part time for a couple in Yuma that HOMESTEADED a place on the | Colorado river in 1906 before Arizona was a state. She plowed the field | behind two mules as a newly wed. They were in their late 60's in 1959, | and were in as good of shape as I was. She could drink any Marine under | the table too. ;=)} | | -- | Jarhead | |
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