Re: low pedal

Thanks for all the ideas. I have put my hands on the brake hoses while an assistant has pressed the pedal hard. I felt no expansion of any hose. I
suppose this is a sufficient test for hoses? Note: this is not an ABS vehicle. So to further my troubleshooting, I have put hose locks on the hoses to stop passage of fluid thru them. Then stepping on the pedal, it goes down 7/8" then becomes rock hard. So that seems to rule out air anywhere from the master to the line locks. That leaves only the possibility of air from the line locks to the wheel cylinders and calipers. I have done normal bleeding, gravity bleeding and pressure bleeding on this system. I must say that I feel confident the air is gone. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the drums are out of round more than I think causing a poor adjustment on the rear drums, thus causing excessive brake shoe travel. I still don't think this is it because I checked the drum with a caliper and it seemed close. Oh, the booster on this vehicle does not have an adjustment on it for petal travel. I have done some checking on this avenue and everything seems to be the proper length without depressing the master piston nor being too short. It just seems like the excesses in wheel cylinder pistons and caliper travel create this trouble.

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