Re: Security Light questions about 1995 Buick Regal

It is normal for the Battery and MIL lights to light when the ignition switch is in "Run" or "Start" if the engine is not running. If you
are having an intermittent no crank with the "Security" light ON, I'd suspect a VATS / Passkey issue.
Try this before replacing the key: clean the contact points on the resistor pellet with some very light steel wool (just one or two really light passes), then clean the resistor contacts with alcohol. Then give the key a try. Next step would be a new key, next would be a new ignition cylinder (or bypassing the VATS with a resistor).
Most decent locksmiths can duplicate a VATS key - the problem is that most do NOT have a key reader so you need to know what VATS key code (1~15) the key is. If you have access to a DVM, measure the resistance of the pellet and post it to the news group - I'll look up the code for you (for example, my '94 Buick Regal has a resistor of 525 Ohms, which is a VATS Key Code #2). Around here (northern CA) a VATS key will run $25.00 - yeh, that's obscene but what can you do?.
Regards, Bill Bowen Sacramento, CA

to a mechanic after the weekend, it's Saturday right now. I suspect it's the passkey or vats as the key looks like it's been around the block a few times.

the key in the "on" position (keeping in mind it doesnt crank)and the security light is still on but goes off after a few second.

switch is turned. Is all of that indicative of a passkey issue? I got the car to crank over and start one time after the problem started and none of the dash lights where on while it was running and it ran fine.

the switch is turned on the security light goes on after a few seconds. Like I said previously, I just got the car so I dont know if its normal for the security light to come on for a few seconds when you stick the key in. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Yeah, 25 bucks for a key is pushing it but it's better than what GM charges lol. I don't think it's a VATS issue because the security light goes off as normal so I'm just gonna tow it back to the guy I bought it from. He's a mechanic and probably will take care of anything at no charge.

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