Serpentine belt Olds Delta 88 3.8L

Here's how serp belt replacement worked out in my 1995 Olds Delta 88 K block:
1. Loosen motor mount bolt & nut (until minimal thread is seen on the nut end).
2. Jack up car and remove wheel (set aside the lugnut socket, you will soon need it for another bolt). 3. There are two plastic panels inside the wheel well, it is the right hand panel which must be moved. This panel is fastened along the top with 3 plastic rivets. Only the first two can be seen. Pry these 2 out with a flat screwdriver blade, then swing the panel down and to the right (it will swivel out on that third hidden rivet). 3. You will see the size 10 Torx bolt (it's star shaped). This bolt's secondary hex head, your lugnut socket should fit perfectly. Remove bolt. 4. Spacer will now be loose. Remove it by pulling up on the end nearest the engine block. Now you have full access to remove and replace your serp belt. DON'T FORGET TO DRAW A PICTURE OF THE BELT'S PATH BEFORE REMOVING OLD BELT! 5. I don't recommend a wrench to move the tension pulley. Use a breaker bar. Apply pressure counter- clockwise (as if you are trying to remove the pulley bolt). Tensioner will move, then remove the old belt.
Yours, TankGirl
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