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replaced battery and starter but no reaction when trying to start
before it actually start. I replaced the battery and starter after test were taken at Oreilly. After replacing parts when trying to start the car nothing happens. I have power and all Aux Power, but w...
4 years ago
2006 Sierra 150, annoying cricket type squeaks right front.
Its driving me crazy, have to crank the radio up to drown out the crickets in the right front wheel area. Started a year ago but its constant now. We changed brakes, checked everything. The squeak cor...
4 years ago
Re: Aerostar again
"Snuffy "Hub Cap" McKinney" Nothing obviously loose underneath. Bushings look good. Any ideas what to check before I head to the mechanic? I took it to 2 general mechanics I have used. First one is no...
4 years ago 13
how do you remove fender on 1989 GMC vandura, right front
I found spot welds but no bolts. any advice welcome on how to remove the right front fender standard body shop procedure would start with drilling-out all the spot welds, but since you don't seem to e...
4 years ago 1
GMC van fender
how to remove fender, got spot welds loose but not sure where bolts are.
5 years ago
front fender replacement
I need to replace the right front fender but find no bolts. got spot welds undone but how do you remove fender wrote: Use a crowbar on that unknown year, unknown make, unknown model of car. I was goin...
5 years ago 2
5 years ago
I have a 98 chevy cheyene 4.3 L with a miss on cylinder 6 can't fix it
When driving I get a miss at about 65mph.I usually get a check engine light. I have had it checked and it says a miss on cylinder 6.I have had the jets cleaned and used shell v power gas and four gas ...
5 years ago 1
what cam can you put in a zz4 350
I have new zz4 350 engine and would like to make it idle like a thumper cam, I am told a thumper will not work in a zz4, can anyone help , , ...
5 years ago 1
Radiator Cap with Bleed Lever
I'm just wondering what you folks think about regular rad cap vs the ones with the pressure relief lever? The one I'm looking at is for a 98 Ford Ranger 3.0. I've used both and like the idea behind th...
5 years ago 3
GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal
GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal wrote: Subject line is a bit misleading. They don't want you messing with the main computer. You really can screw up some important sa...
5 years ago 2
its the job worth 1500.00 to get a oil pan fix for 1997 auroa
how much
5 years ago
GM bankruptcy worth billions in faulty-ignition switch reprieve
GM gets away with murder GM bankruptcy worth billions in faulty-ignition switch reprieve
5 years ago
eng pwr reduced
I have a '07 Saturn Aura with 211K miles on it. I was driving on the highw ay earlier today with the cruise set on 70. Without warning the cruise dis engaged, I heard a few "bongs," and my DIC was dis...
5 years ago 2
When I drive my 1995 Blazer, the front passenger side tire feels like it is losi
I also changed three out of four ball joints a year ago.
5 years ago