98 Accord, various help needed!!

My Accord has gone thru and is going thru the engine light covered throughout the postings...mechanic replaced a (ignition) solenoid and
reset the code. Popped on again a couple weeks later, Iím going to follow up on the various ideas and suggestions Iíve read here. The weird thing is this, for about a year or so now, on occasion when I lift off the gas pedal, my dash goes out for a second - radio, tach, everything stops, almost like I turned the car off! The car runs, doesnít skip or anything. I chalked it up to a gremlin (a short somewhere?) and continued to drive...happening more often now, and with the engine light randomly coming on Iím concerned officially now. The latest item is, I saw my temp gauge climbing....checked overflow and rad, topped off both and no problem...a few months later same issue! I really hope the head gasket isnít going! Any direction on these items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
1998 Honda Accord
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