Accord Coupe V-6 Manual

Just wanted to know if anyone in the group owned one of the newer accords
with the V-6 Manual transmission? If so, how do you like it?
I am thinking about purchasing one very soon, and with the auto V-6 issues,
I really am considering a manual.
Another option that I am thinking about, if I want a bigger car, is the
Maxima with a six speed manual.
I am hoping that both of those choices are better for reliability than my
original boyish wanting of the new Musting GT. I have had way too many
problems with Ford in the past to trust purchasing another one.
Thanks for any suggestions,
Chris B.
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I got a 2005 6-spd 6-cyl and am very pleased with it. One advantage is that it takes regular gas unlike some of the other sportier cars. It's fast too! Quarter mile in under 15 secs. The stick shift actually has some performance improving items that the auto doesn't have. Gas mileage seems lower than claimed though, but I drive it pretty hard. I had to return it several times for minor flaws, but the dealer was very helpful.
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As the owner of a 5th gen Prelude I was interested in the coupe. But, I have been told they are limited production and difficult to find. That, plus a $5,000 premium our local Honda dealer charges on top of the list price make the Acura TL 6 speed a better buy. So far I am sticking with my Prelude but will probably move up to the Acura next.
1 Timothy 5:23 (adapted)
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I have a 2004 Accord 6MT. If I had it to do over again I would buy a stripped down Infinity G35. Less features, about $6000 more but, more satisfying to drive.
Don't get me wrong , Accord coupe offers allot of bang for the buck and is a quick car however, it can be difficult to control at full throttle because of heavy torque steer. Especially coming out of turns and on uneven surfaced roads.The shifter does not feel as good as say one offered in new 4cyl Accords and the throws are a little long.
Then there is this annoying problem with the leather seats in newer Accords where the drivers seat has some play in it .The seat feels loose on sudden stops and turns.
You may want to check out the new 2006 Civic SI if your on a tighter budget. Will have 200hp /6 speed MT . Hopefully the build quality will be better than the latest generation Accords.
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