CR-V tires

I've been told by a tire salesman that because my '01 CR-V is AWD that I
need 4 matching tires and cannot mix brands. I cut the sidewall on one
which was low on tread anyway but really only need two. Is the 4 tire
advice true?
The original tires on a '01 CR-V are no longer (readily) available.
If true can anyone recommend replacements? 205/70R15
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The factory tires are a poor compromise in every situation, and particularly NOISY. If you don't use identical tires, or fail to rotate them, you'll wreck your rear diff. You should also change the Dual Pump Fluid every 30,000 miles. Read this, and maybe you'll find your answer.
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In general, all AWD vehicles should use matched tires to avoid damage to the AWD system. Some of the early Volvo AWDs used a system that would actually be destroyed within a very few miles if the spare was installed and the original tires were not nearly new! There was much gnashing of teeth .
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Michael Pardee
The OEM tires on my '02 CR-V were worn out after 22k miles,why Honda put such crappy tires on a good vehicle is beyond me. I replaced them with Yokohama Avid Touring in 215/65R15 size. Couldn't be happier with them. Now have 40K miles on them, still lots of tread left, excellent wet weather performance, adequate snow performance, quiet on good pavement. See the reviews at:
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