Good troubleshooting chart/instructions?

Bill wrote:

Unless you have reason to suspect a specific component, it's often best to check the easy things first.
Check the fuses, particularly those associated with fuel pumps, injectors, and the ignition system.
Pull a plug, re-attach pug wire, lay plug on metal surface, crank, look for strong spark.
Can you see any valve gear through the oil fill hole? If so, crank and look for motion, indicating that the cam drive belt is still in one piece. If you can't see much through the hole, you may need to pull the valve cover, or a cam belt cover, whichever is easier. A useful trick is to pull all the plugs (to kill compression), put the car in neutral, then use a wrench on the power steering or alternator pulley bolt to slowly turn the engine.
Most fuel injector rails have a bleed bolt that you can loosen. (Crank car to pressurize first.) If doing so doesn't get you a few tablespoons of fuel, the pump, filter, or pressure regulating system may be borked. (You don't want to disconnect the whole line!)
Many auto parts stores will loan you a code reader for free.
Good luck!
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