Honda accord

My 96 Honda Accord just died on the freeway and will not start back up. I put an
OBD2 car reader on it and it is giving me no numbers just red flashing CAT
,O2S,EGR. But no codes any information will be greatly appreciated and thanks in
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has it been acting up b4 now? one symptom I see a lot is the distributor will go out, but they usually start off with driving along and the car just dies, then after 30+ min's it will fire right back up.
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Robert J Miller
I had something like that happening to my '94 Accord while driving through a deep puddle during a rainy night. Tha engine just died in the middle of the puddle. I tried to restart it several times to no avail. After a minute or two of just standing there and not doing anything, I was able to restart it with some initial rough idle, but I was able to drive it home later as if nothing happened before. When I drove it a couple days later to my favorite shop they found that the distributor cap was cracked and it probably took in some splashed water when driving though a puddle. I never had the same problem after the distributor was replaced with a new one.
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