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>> > Where is the DRL module and relay located in a 2002 honda civic DX? >>
>> I don't know where for sure, but one possible location is under the >> dash
> on
>> the driver's side. Are you trying to replace it, and if so, why? >
> my car seems to have an electrical problem. I get a buzzing noise
> when I start the car. The daylight driving light does not work, but
> when I turn on the headlights the buzzing noise goes away. I changed
> the bulb and the noise has not gone way. Also when the headlights are
> off and the buzzing sound is buzzing the DRL light is on in my dash.
> I am assuming it is the DRL module or relay. I'm not sure if I shoudl
> tackle this myself or take it to a shop to get fixed. I am hearing
> that it is an easy fix, but I don't even know where these are located. >
You have three items that concern the DRLs. They are all under the dash to
the left of the steering column:
1) Low-beam cut relay
2) DRL Relay
3) DRL Control Unit (bigger than the others)
Are your DRLs no longer working? That's usually the low-beam cut relay.
Look for a relay with the wires RED/BLK, RED/YEL, RED/WHT, RED/BLU. It's
joined together with the DRL relay, which is the same size but has
different wire colors.
There are input tests you can do to the relays to confirm functionality.
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