Re: 94 Honda Civic LX Sound at startup - ABS? Also, light issues, more...

The weekend after I wrote this, my car failed to start at all (it was cold) which was fixed by filling the gas tank with a couple bottles of
Heat and letting the car sit for a few days to let the weather clear up a bit. After I started driving again, all of my original problems started to come back one at a time each day. Iíve also been having an issue with the steering wheel that I forgot to include in my previous post. When I start the car in cold weather, it feels like the power steering has been disabled. Then after the car warms up, the problem goes away. Not really a big issue, but it seems that it would also do this when it wasnít that cold outside, so maybe not the weather, not sure. It just seemed to happen more often in cold weather.
The moan that I hear at startup now happens more often, just about every other day. This is something that has been going on for a couple years now, but seems to happen more frequently after making it through a winter season. Once again, it only does this the first time I start the car in the morning, and then wonít happen again for a few days.
Iíll get in the car, turn key, engine turns, engine starts, then a half a second later is when it will make the moan sound and will only last for about a second, then I start to drive and everything seems to be fine and drives like nothing is wrong.
I am 90% sure that the moan is the same sound that the brakes/ABS make when I slide on ice and definitely sounds like it comes from the same place. The days that I would slide on ice, the sound wouldnít happen in the mornings after. It seemed like each time I did slide, and heard the moan, it would reset the cycle and I wouldnít hear the noise a few days later.
Any suggestions on troubleshooting or possible causes are always appreciated.
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