Re: 96 Civic question

: > Ok here goes, : > : > '96 civic DX 5 speed,I was driving into work this morning and had the : > wipers : > on,headlights and defog.My dash lights started (how do I explain this)
: > acting like they were almost blinking like my emergency lights.Headlights : > were doing the same thing.It was raining out at the time.I kinda think : > it's : > my alternator going up on me or the belts are loose.Any thoughts on : > this?Oh : > yeah the speedometer was jumping around like a monkey on crystal meth : > going : > from 20 to 100 to 30 to get the picture. : > Thanks in advance, : > Will : > : The wide range of electrical symptoms points right to the battery, charging : system or grounds (or UFO, of course.) : : Most of the symptoms could be slipping belts, but I dunno about the : speedometer. Check the engine ground - probably a braided wire from the : valve cover to the frame near the radiator - for tightness at each end. : Really weird electrical problems always make me think of engine ground : first. As Remco suggests, from there it is checking the battery connections : and voltage. I also had a battery once that was intermittently open and : caused all sorts of problems while driving until I caught it in the act once : when I tried to start the car... no crank. But focus on the common stuff : first. : : Mike :
Looked at the engine ground strap and it's tight as a drum.I guess I'll be pulling my alternator this weekend.
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