Re: Brake lock-up

I like good news. Thanks for the update.

Until you're /ready/ to turn it, that is.
The only way to adjust the pushrod freeplay is to turn the pushrod and the Adjusting Nut, but if you allow those two to turn before you're /ready/ to turn them, you will make it more difficult to effect the corrections you desire.
In other words, allowing the pushrod and Adjusting Nut to turn before their time, and allowing them to turn in an unrecorded manner, effectively makes you shoot at a moving target.

The entire page depends upon the booster remaining in place /on/ the car. If the booster is /off/ the car, the required technique is rather different, as you have demonstrated.
The page I wrote was intended to help people overcome the limitations imposed by the booster remaining /on/ the car. ON-car pushrod adjustments are what the vast majority of owners will face.

And you didn't need to. Those special tools are meant to deal with the very cramped room under the dashboard. Since your booster was off the car, you would have had loads of room in which to frolic.

You're very welcome.
Even though the page didn't deal directly with your specific situation, it still appears to have given you the kernel of information you needed to solve your specific situation, which is the whole point of the entire HondaFAQ site.

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