Re: NEW Vehilcles Can run on Gasoline and Water!

First off, no energy what so ever is stored in plain water. Secondly, the energy (thermal) being released upon burning the electrolyzed hydrogen and oxygen is equal to the amount of energy (electrical) needed for the electrolysis of water. Lastly, the efficiency of transforming thermal engergy into kinetic ennergy in internal combustion engines is about 30%.
And exactly where does the electricity come from? It's not just there for you to use. Look at it this way. You use gasoline to run an electric generator, then use the electricity it generates to breakup the water into hydrogen and oxygen, then you use the H and O2 you have collected to run your car. Clever!! How about using gasoline to run your car?
Cars have been made to run on liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, nothing new about that. But that's for experiments, not for economy reasons. And unless you're suicidal, i won't recommend you drive such a car... bwahhaha
That website is not about running your engine on water, water is NOT fuel!!
By using misleading and unrelated information, it's trying to talk you into spending money to do water injection the redneck's way!!! Look at that pickle jar and all that sh*t.. hahaha!!!
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