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Hi - I have a í97 Honda Accord and it has a slavage title. A couple of weeks after buying it, My transmission went out and the guy was
positive, by the looks of the fluid lines (they looked almost sliced) that I hit something, which I didnít. Anyways, we got that all squared away and now I have a í96 Accord transmisison in my í97 Accord. Call me stupid, but my manual for my í97 doesnít display where to check the transmission fluid for a í96 transmission. The dipstick that they describe is where the oil dipstick is. Someone please throw me a bone.
Also, Iím just now (a week after it was fixed) noticing a high pitched noise when I lay off the gas pedal, just a second or two of noise. Also tiny little stutters around 45 mph that are hardly noticable and a little jerk when Iím coming to a stop sign, around 10-15mph.
Any/all thoughts appreciated - thanks!
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