2006 Sonata I4 recent increase in oil consumption

As those who follow this ng know, I recently had my Sonata in for an intake manifold gasket replacement due to a vacuum leak. In the 1,400
miles since the repair, the engine has consumed about 1.5 quarts of oil! This is an engine that previously has consumed maybe 1/4 quart (if that) between changes at 5,000 mile intervals.
hyundaitech, if you are reading this, do you have any idea what might have caused this? Do any oil passages pass into or through the intake manifold? I don't see any leaks, so I assume the oil is getting sucked into the engine and burned. I haven't seen any smoke either, but I know that catcons can burn a lot of oil and not show much smoke.
I added a quart when I first noticed the oil being low (it was just below the add mark). At that time, I thought maybe the dealer had lost a quart doing the repair or during the 4 mile drive to pick me up when they had failed to replace the dipstick! Although, when we put the dipstick in when I returned to the garage and the service manager walked out sheepishly with it in his hand, we did not notice any oil spilled on the engine and I have never smelled hot or burning oil. However, I just checked the oil again and after another 400 or so miles it is already down a half a quart so it clearly is losing oil somewhere. Once it gets down another quart, I'm going to call the dealer as I will have confirmed at that time that it really is a consumption issue post-repair.
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